Software Engineers

Our goal is to build a system that achieves human-level intelligence in medicine.

As a software engineer at MedWhat you will quickly come up to speed on recent advancements in machine learning, image processing and medicine. You will apply this knowledge to improve the computational performance and accuracy of learning and inference algorithms used for medical question-answering and conversational tasks in a large variety of training environments. Working with other members of the team you will be driving a dense Python and Java codebase that is pushing the state-of-the-art in AI forward.

Leadership and Impact

    • Early stage startup and small team, so you will have high impact product and company culture
    • Translate product vision into integrated technologies
    • Closely collaborate with small team of founders & developers

As part of our team, you will…

    • Develop and refine demonstrations of new research.
    • Optimize and scale implementations of researched algorithms.
    • Follow lead of Researchers and assist with development.
    • Refine the output of the research department into reusable pieces where appropriate.
    • Build tools to organize and experiment on diverse data sets.
    • Integrate and utilize third party systems and APIs were appropriate.
    • Build tools that make MedWhat as a whole more efficient.

Desired skills and experience

    • Preferred Masters or BS in CS/EE or a related discipline. We also consider exceptional applicants with other backgrounds.
    • Extensive programming skills, ideally in Python or Java, and a track record of translating ideas into prototypes quickly.
    • Solid fundamentals in 1) Machine Learning and Deep Learning or 2) Natural Language Processing.
    • Experience developing and testing ideas in a large scale setting.

Desired personal qualities

    • Integrity.
    • Ability to admit when wrong.
    • Altruism.
    • Fearlessness working outside your comfort zone.
    • Patience with others.
    • Described by others as the best researcher / engineer / thinker they know.
    • Intellectual breadth.
    • Sense of humor.

Medwhat tech stack

      Systems and Networking

      • Linux
      • IPv4 / TCP / UDP / HTTP
      • SSL / TLS
      • Shell scripting
      • Amazon AWS
      • Azure Web Console
      • Docker
      • Apache web server
      • Tomcat servlet container

      Programming languages

      • Java
      • PHP
      • Python
      • JavaScript


      • Relational: MySQL
      • NoSQL: Virtuoso, MongoDB

      Mobile development

      • Android
      • iOS

      Web development

      • Backend
      • Frontend
      • REST API
      • SOAP services
      • HTML5
      • CSS
      • Jquery / Node.js / Angular.js

      Software design, development methodologies

      • Agile methodologies
      • UML
      • Design patterns
      • Testing

      Machine Learning

      • Python modules: Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Theano, Caffe
      • Text mining
      • Neural Networks

To apply, please send email to, attaching a resume or including a link to a personal page.